“Jason came highly recommended to me by a real estate attorney I had previously worked with. I found myself faced with a legal situation that necessitated immediate attention. I called Jason and explained my circumstances to him. He was able to formulate an appropriate strategy right then and there and immediately got to work on my problem. I felt that he instantly put aside everything he was working on in order to give my case the attention and immediacy it required.  The response was incredible. I felt confident that I had found the right attorney for the job.”

“I never thought I would be in need of hiring a litigation attorney, but I must say that I have complete confidence in Jason’s abilities when it comes to my particular case. His work ethic is tireless and he speaks to me in a straightforward, no nonsense way that I can appreciate and I don’t feel I would be getting with many other attorneys. My wife, who is also an attorney in a Boston firm, loves working with Jason because of the passion and fortitude he brings to the table. I have and will continue to recommend Jason to any and all clients I have who find themselves in need of a litigation attorney.”

– Charlie Abrahams, Real Estate Agent, Greater Boston

“I have been Jason’s client for many years, even before he established his own firm. Every legal challenge that I have faced throughout my years as his client, Jason has been more than capable of handling. Jason is always current with the law and determined to find me the answers I need, even if the information isn’t at first readily available, I know that soon enough I can expect an answer from him. I feel as though he is here for me as a client at all times. When I contact his office, I can depend on his staff to be polite and informed and I can expect a call back from Jason as soon as he gets my message.”

“Things can get a little intense when people are suing each other. I recall an instance where Jason and I were in court and a rather unstable individual was threatening me with physical harm. Jason was able to keep the conflict from escalating while still firmly holding his ground and protecting my interests.”

“As a small business owner, I have faced many legal challenges throughout my career and it’s so great to know that I can always depend on Jason and his firm to get me the answers I need and provide me with the help necessary in each and every situation.”

– C.J. Robinson, Owner, C.J. Robinson Company, Scituate, MA

“P.A. Landers has been a client of Pithie & Associates since 2007. I was referred to Jason by a constituent who knew just the kind of litigator we needed. Being in the construction industry, I need an attorney who can take action and produce results without just blowing hot air. Jason is exactly what P.A. Landers needs in a litigation attorney. He has successfully handled a number of civil actions as well as MCAD claims for us. He has settled complex cases in under four months! His diligence on our cases has been unyielding and his efforts extend beyond most other attorneys.”

“What I like most about Jason representing us is that he is honest and always conveys the “reality” of a case, he lets us know when to settle, when to fight and always keeps in mind the bottom line; something which any business owner can appreciate. I know that I can count on Jason both personally and professionally. When I need to reach him, I can always get him. He is fervent in his representation of our company, a competent attorney and a good friend.”

– Stephen Legare, Vice President, P.A. Landers, Inc.

“We have been working with Jason for several years now and during this time his attention to our needs has consistently been prompt, informed and constructive. We rely on him for everything from contract negotiations to collection work and in every capacity, Jason and the firm have come through for us. As an advisor, I find him detailed in how he explains the issues and fair in his application and understanding of everyone’s rights surrounding the issue at hand. He is always professional, courteous and well-versed in whatever our needs may be. He also has great taste in Scotch, steak and ales!”

– Jamie Gilmore, President, Pavilion Floors, Inc., Woburn, MA.