Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Our firm provides comprehensive client advocacy at all stages of the litigation process. As a firm with a wide variety of clients and cases, we offer unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of the stages of litigation. Pithie & Associates, P.C. provides exemplary case management so that your case is handled in a timely and cost effective manner. We regularly handle large volume document production, collection and review and are well versed in the various stages of personal and business litigation within both the district and superior courts.

Construction Law

With representative clients that include both contractors and subcontractors, suppliers, home owners and real estate developers, our approach to construction law is multifaceted and our experience in this regard is unequaled on the South Shore. Pithie & Associates, P.C. prides itself on our ability to resolve construction disputes in the most timely and cost effective way possible. Aside from handling claims once they have progressed to litigation, we also counsel our clients and aid them in negotiating sophisticated project agreements and subcontracts in order to best protect their interests in the complex world of contracting. Our firm handles breach of contract cases, supplier collection lawsuits, private and public bond claims, demands for direct payments and mechanic’s liens as well as aiding homeowners and/or contractors through the process of arbitration.

Contract Law

Pithie & Associates, P.C. can aid clients in prosecuting and/or defending contract based lawsuits. We also offer comprehensive services to our clients to assist in drafting contract documents in order to best protect their assets and maintain their legal needs throughout the course of everyday business.

Collection Law

We handle a wide variety of collection matters for businesses ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations. We provide swift action on all collection suits, in order to attempt to secure collateral on the debt owed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Commercial Litigation

All business owners at some point may encounter a dispute which necessitates the aid of a knowledgable attorney. We help our clients to negotiate these disputes in the most appropriate means possible, while keeping in mind the bottom line and the necessary actions to allow you to maintain the success and growth of your business. To accomplish these goals, our attorneys work with our clients to develop appropriate legal strategies proportionate to each business’s needs and concerns.

Business organizations and transactions:
incorporations, company licensing, etc.

Pithie & Associates, P.C. is in the business of organizing all types of businesses from sole proprietorships to corporations. We can handle all of your corporate planning needs, including drafting corporate documents, helping business owners get on record with the Secretary of State’s office and ensuring that all legal protections for your business are in full force and effect.

Real Estate: homeowner and commercial transactions

Our attorneys can assist you in moving through the steps of both the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties.

Estate Planning and Realty Trusts

An essential aspect of any legal practice is aiding its clients in asset protection. Pithie & Associates, P.C. can help you to form an estate plan which best protects your valuable assets and reflects your wishes and desires. We will create an estate plan or trust which will best suit your present needs, protect your assets and reduce costly taxes and delays.

Personal Injury Law

Pithie & Associates, P.C. has successfully negotiated settlements for our clients in a variety of personal injury cases.

Family and Criminal Law

Our attorneys have the capabilities and in depth knowledge of the court system to assist and defend clients against a wide variety of criminal cases.